Jul 6, 09 

We decided to go down to the beach today to actually regain the feeling of playing volleyball and to get reacquainted with each other. In Cannes there are many different courts of various sizes all along the beach line. People usually just show up when they want to play and if there are many people there, you wait in line for you turn.

When we showed up, there were a couple of teams waiting in line to play and they were mainly guys. We waited around for a couple of games and were finally able to play. We were lucky enough to be able to start playing a bit of 2 on 2 with a couple of guys and it felt good to beat them, even on a men’s height net. We played a couple of 3 on 3 games with these hot shots who we also beat. It was nice to play with each other again after so long. The best part of it all is playing by the water. It is a nice view and it is also great for cooling off afterwards.

When we were done we met a couple people who informed us of a beach volleyball club just across the street on the other side of the train tracks. We went for a visit and met the person in charge who told us to come back tomorrow to train. We are very excited to potentially have a place to finally practice.

Beach courts in Cannes
Beach courts in Cannes

One response to “TRAINING AT THE BEACH

  1. I’m so proud that you beat those hot shots!

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