July 17, 09

Yesterday the list for qualification teams was posted and BINGO!! our names are on the entry list. We have been waiting for a while now to see whether we were allowed to play in this particular FIVB world beach tour event in Klagenfurt, Austria. Since it is a Grand Slam tournament which only allows the best teams of the world to play, we were not sure we would get invited to play. In each event there is the main draw, which is the top 24 teams. There is also a qualification tournament prior to the main draw. Teams that win the qualification tournament is then allowed to play in the main draw event.

We decided to submit our names as wild cards which would permit us to play. The list of teams allowed to play usually comes out two weeks before the event. We therefore had to wait until the list came out before making any travel plans. We have been checking everyday for a week and now it feels like we won something already being allowed to play, yet we know this is just the beginning but it is nice to take pleasure in the small accomplishments. We are the last names on the list since we don’t have many points, nonetheless we are on it. We will trek to Austria by train next Saturday which will take about 12 hours and we are looking forward to every minute.

Our plan for this summer is to play in two tournaments on the FIVB world beach tour. After Klagenfurt we are heading to Stare Jablonki, Poland.

The past days have been fairly intense for us in terms of training. Not having trained a whole lot during the year and immediately going into training everyday even twice a day on alternate days proved to be quite tiring for us. This is our passion and our dream and while it can be very tough at times we revel in every single moment of playing beach volleyball.


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