La Faya in Menton, France

July 19, 09


Natacha, Linzy and Elodie

Natacha, Linzy and Elodie

In Menton, France there was a “Festival Creole”. It was a big “Faya” which means party in Mauritian creole. The festival was a celebration of Creole countries around the world coming together in this little town to rejoice in each other’s culture.  There were various cultural booths from many Caribbean Islands and Islands from the Indian Ocean.

 We went to this festival because we heard there would be a Sega concert by a famous Mauritian artist Linzy Bacbotte. When we first arrived in town and walking along the streets it was very charming and quiet. Menton being known for it’s senior population, it was exactly what we expected. As we got closer to the waterfront, we started hearing music and followed the sound of the party. The musical beat of the drums was like the sound of our mother calling us home.

 Once there, we ate some typical foods from the island (poule ek zasar), drank some alouda (link) and listened to some Sega music.

To start off the night of music there was Menwar and his band. This group played “sega typique” which is more folklore. They used various instruments made out of items from the island, such as sugar canes. Next, there was Linzy Bacbotte accompanied by the Clency family. They were amazing performances, especially Linzy. She really worked the crowd and got everyone singing and dancing. It was a great atmosphere of togetherness. It was also really nice to meet other Mauritians and see the solidarity of Mauritians supporting each other.


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