On the road again…

2:30 am – Our beach tournament adventures for this year started this morning with a drive to Vintimiglia, Italy .

4:00 am – Arrive at train station. We were surprised to see so many people at the station already. Most were backpackers sleeping on the floor.

5:00  – Board the train

5:07-9:37 – Train ride to Milano. We used this time to catch up on sleep but it was very uncomfortable.

9:40-11:00 – Walk around Milano with our big bags.

11:30-14:43 – Train ride to Mestre. Again more sleeping. It is really the only thing you can do on the train.

14:45-16:00 – Hang around Mestre to wait for our next train. We did a short walk down the street and back. It was interesting as it happened to be the “Chinatown” of Mestre.

16:00-20:30 – Trip to Klagenfurt, Austria. We were suppose to arrive an hour earlier but our train was delayed. There was an accident so we had to get off a couple stops before. We had to take a bus and another train before getting to our destination. At the same time, it was on this leg of the trip we met a really nice family by the name of Gschopf that we followed to Klagenfurt because we did not know where we were going.

20:30 – Get picked up at the station by another great family Kirschner who we are renting from. People here are uber nice.  We didn’t expect to get picked up.

20:45 – Finally get settled into our new place for the week. We were welcomed by such amazing people who showed us such generosity that it was very easy to feel at home.


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