Our second and final tournament stop of the season is Stare Jablonski, Poland. We arrived on Saturday night to a town nearby called Ostrada. We started training Sunday morning and checked out the courts. It is just beside a lake as well but this time in the middle of the forest. It is in a very secluded area and it feels like going to the cottage. We were surprised so many courts were able to fit. It was nicely spread out around the area.

In the afternoon we trained once more. By that time there were more teams and we were able to arrange some practice sessions. It is amazing meeting different teams and learning so many different languages. We also learned the art of non-verbal communication. It’s also amazing how many things you can communicate through simple hand gestures.

Through the whole experience, we are glad to be able to practice with the teams. This gave us exposure to different opponents and skill levels. We are so glad to have gained this experience which we know will only make us better. The more we play and compete, the more we will learn and right now we are sponges ready to soak up as much as we can.

Game time: T – minus one day. Tonight we will find out who we play.


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