Mauritius Debut

Participating teams

Our very first volleyball tournament in Mauritius was this past weekend. Surprising right, since we play for Mauritius. The thing is that we both live outside of the country. So this was (trumpet da da da da…..) our debut.

It was a small tournament that ran in Quatre Bornes which is a district of Mauritius. Interestingly enough, it was not on a beach but in the middle of the city beside a youth centre. The court was built with special sand brought in from the beaches from around the island.

There were four teams and we played round robin matches of one set to 21 points. No play-offs, no finals. This gave us a chance to play everybody.

Before the actual tournament started, the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) was there to get footage. They also interviewed us for their evening news program and thus our very first TV interview.   

It was great to watch other teams in action and since it was only one set matches, it was a pretty quick tournament.

Our first game was like testing the waters. We took a while to get into the match and we played like we were dipping our toes. Then we had to dive right in because it was such a short match.

Once we warmed up we did well and even though there were no finals we won the whole thing.

Picture with the AMVB president

The president of the Mauritius Volleyball Association (AMVB) came to congratulate us and present us with our uniforms.

All in all  great first tournament in Mauritius.


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