Club M Fundraiser

Last weekend the group Club M (Regroupement Mauricien de Toronto) and the Mauritian community came together to put on a bake sale fundraiser to help our Olympic Dream. It was so great to see everyone come to show their support.

Leaving Mauritius for a new country, it is always nice to be part of a similar community. Club M was a place where we could meet other Mauritians, participate in activities and feel at home. Since sports was one of the main mediums of bringing the community together, I was always a part of the activities growing up.

We held a short 2 on 2 volleyball demonstration to show a bit of how beach volleyball works but on hard court. Then I ran a volleyball clinic. We had some drills, technical demonstrations and games. I really wanted to show how much fun volleyball can be and get more people interested in playing.

In the evening, I also got a chance to make a presentation about our project and interact within the community.

I want to thank all the people who came out to support. My family, my friends who helped with the volleyball stuff, and last but not least Club M. All the hard work and dedication made it a successful event.


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