Another weekend of fun in the sun. This marked our second tournament played, this time in the 1C French Tour Series at the Aloha Beach Club. It was based right here in Cannes at our very own beach club where we train.

The tournament was set up in a double-elimination style which means you are knocked out when you lose twice. This allows teams to make it to the play-off even after one loss, sort of like a second chance.

We played two matches on the first day. We were given a “bye” into the next round because we had gained points from our previous tournament. It was a tough first match, having gone to 3 sets. I wish I could be a better sports reporter on myself but I cannot remember scores of matches for the life of me. Sorry!

Needless to say, it was exciting and tiring at the same time. Being sidelined with injury and only practicing for the first time after 2 1/2 weeks just a couple of days before the tournament proved that I no longer had my sand legs.

Our next match on Saturday was much better. It took us the first match to get into understanding the game again, the timing and finding the lines. It was a straight 2 set victory qualifying us into the semis.

Day 2 – Our semi-final match was against another team from our club. Again, our physical fitness proved to be our nemesis. We fought as much as we could, using every ounce of energy we had left in our tank, even ones we could summon from our baby toes but the tank was empty. I have to give props to the other team, our club mates, who also played well.

No matter how sore and tired we were, we still had some fight left. We took this drive and energy into our next match, this one for the bronze medal. Again, our second match of the day seems to always be much better than our first. We focused on getting one point at a time until we were able to succeed in winning the match.

Alas, our very first medal as a pair. What a great feeling. We hope to take this momentum with us into our next few weeks of practice as we gear up to play in the first FIVB tournament of this season in Gstaad, Switzerland.


2 responses to “Bronze!

  1. Hola!
    Hats off this initiative! I think this is the first Mauritian sports blog right?
    Keep going and best of luck.


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