CAVB Sub-Zone E Results

The results are in. The Mauritius Beach Volleyball teams consisting of Natacha Rigobert/Elodie Li Yuk Lo and Marjorie Nadal/Prisca Seerungen came out victorious, combined with a total of 7 wins and 1 loss. It was a great tournament hosted by the Namibian Volleyball Federation.

First day of action Mauritius was matched up against South Africa. A dominant opponent and the only African country on the women’s side who has competed at previous Olympics. The results are as follows.

Game 1 – Palesa/Randy (RSA) vs Marjorie/Prisca (MRI) 2:0 (21:8,21:15)
Game 2 – Natasha/Amelia (RSA) vs Natacha/Elodie (MRI) 0:2 (16:21,14:21)
Game 3 – Palesa/Randy (RSA) vs Natacha/Elodie (MRI) 0:2 (17:21,15:21)
Game 4 – Natasha/Amelia (RSA) vs Marjorie/Prisca (MRI) 0:2 (17:21,19:21)

Day two of the tournament Mauritius played against the home team of Namibia. Even with a good home crowd cheering on their team, Mauritius came out on top with a 4-0 win.

Game 1 – Marjorie/Prisca (MRI) vs Lizette/Simone (NAM) 2:0 (21:14, 21:13)
Game 2 – Natacha/Elodie (MRI) vs Julia/Corinna (NAM) 2:0 (21:14, 21:13)
Game 3 – Natacha/Elodie (MRI) vs Lizette/Simone (NAM) 2:0 (21:6, 21:14)
Game 4 – Marjorie/Prisca (MRI) vs Julia/Corinna (NAM) 2:1 (21:12, 15:21, 15:12)

Great job ladies and keep fighting. Allez Maurice!


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