Meet Marjorie Nadal

The next few posts will be a series of meeting the players on the two Mauritius teams. I have asked everyone a few questions to get to know them better.

So I would like to officially introduce you to Marjorie Nadal. She is known as the “mama” of beach volleyball in Mauritius because she is the oldest member of our team but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her and watching her play. Even at her prime age she is still winning trophies on the Mauritian circuit with the Championne de Maurice 2009 Indoor as her latest title and the 1st National Beachvolley Champion in 2008.

Position: Right Side
Height: 1m 69cm
Age: 48
Years played: 35 years
Hometown: Beau bassin
Occupation: Worked as an air hostess on Air Mauritius for 15 yrs and now I’m an artist/housewife.

How did you start to play volleyball: Started to play volleyball at college at the age of 13. I had to take some time off when I had my two kids. I have been playing beach volleyball since 1993.
Volleyball Clubs: Idefix volleyball club, Fire Brigade volleyball club, Union Sportif Beau Bassin/Rose hill volleyball club, Vallijee Citizens volleyball club and the Mauritius National team.
Awards: Many national championship trophies with all clubs, and the only women volleyball gold medalist of the Indian Ocean Games.

Nicknames: Zo and Mama
Favourite professional sports team: The 3 top women beach volleyball teams – China, Brazil and USA
Favourite food: Mauritian food-lentil , chicken curry,and all pastas… and chocolate
Favourite movie: Any romantic comedy
Favourite actor/actress: Sean Connery, Will Smith and Johnny Depp.
Favourite song: All except techno and hard rock. and thibetan buddhist music for relaxation.
Three things you must have when you travel: My thoothbrush, my book and my moisturizing cream.

Thank you Marjorie for letting us get to know you a bit better.


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