Rome – DAY 2

We are going straight to day 2 since internet was hard to come by yesterday at the hotel. Team Mauritius faced the 23rd ranked team of Liliana-Baquerizo from Spain for their first match at the World Championships in Rome. The team had a slow start to start the first set. The second set was a lot better but not enough to beat this Spanish team. The match score was 2-0 (21-9, 21-14) with a match time of 0:33mins.

Even though the team lost, there was still some interest from the press. Not having seen Mauritius at any tournaments before and having this as the team’s first World Championships, some people were wondering how the team was able to get to Rome. Please check out the article from the FIVB website. More media links to follow.

Today the team faced the Russian duo of Vasina-Vozakova ranked 26th at this tournament. It was a much better start. The teams were exchanging points for half the game until the Russian serves proved to be a challenge and siding out a lot more difficult near the end of the first set. Team Mauritius did not give up and came back in the second set with a vengeance. Being up for most of the set, they had it in their grasp. At one point they were up 17-14 but again siding out was tough and the Russians came back to tie it. It turned out to be a marathon where neither team was going to give up. Under the heat and with fatigue starting to set in, inexperience proved to be the factor to a 27-29 loss in the second set and the match.

It was a hard fought match with a lot of fighting, cheering and enjoyment of the part of the Mauritian pair.

Tomorrow we play Brazil at 4pm local time.


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